From Chairman's Desk

The KLE Society has been the torchbearer of the mission to "Empower through Education". Having completed 107 years of service to society at large, we have evolved into an organization with over 300 institutions dedicated to "Transforming Lives through Education, Healthcare and Research".

The journey which commenced in 1916 with the establishment of the first Anglo Vernacular School at Belagavi has been satisfying as we have nurtured the ambitions of several generations of Indians in their quest for excellence. Moving on to assume great responsibilities at the national and international levels, our alumni have emerged as the true ambassadors of our cause.

KLE Society's English Medium Schools represent our efforts to embrace the needs of evolving times as we redefine the modalities and operations in order to equip students with a greater understanding of the world while providing them requisite skills to gear up for the challenges of life. Providing state of the art infrastructure and a wonderful admixture of modern teaching and learning pedagogy perfectly blended with moral values, tradition and ethics across urban and rural areas has enabled us to emerge as the trend setters in the domain.

Children and youth are the future of the nation. As we surge onward on our mission to take the best of education to areas deprived of the same, we take great pride in our humble contribution to national development.