From Co-ordinator's Desk

Stepping into its 107th year of service to society at large, the KLE Society continues its relentless efforts towards transforming lives through Education, Healthcare and Research. The organization which takes great pride in its ability to provide educational opportunities across multiple domains and modern healthcare facilities at affordable cost, has evolved into an entity of global repute for its quality standards and commitment to delivery.

KLE Society's English Medium schools in both urban and rural areas are ideal nurturing grounds for inquisitive young minds as they seek to make a space for themselves on this wonderful planet. The advent of advanced communication technology has made the world a smaller place and consequently increased our responsibility by warranting the need for grooming truly world class citizens. The Management, Heads of institutions and faculty at our schools remain committed to making learning a complete and holistic experience. The completeness is aptly reflected in the achievements of our students in academics and sports. While we help students inculcate the essentials of team work and explore the entire range of abilities of human expression, the primary focus is on individual grooming. After all, "Every child is different and every child is important".

The future of the nation lies in its ability to nurture a new generation, characterized by a progressive mind, set along with a philosophy deep rooted in ethics and moral values. In school education lies the onus of this national accomplishment and we take great pride in our endeavour and ability to make "The Difference".