Annual Athletic Meet

Sports specially for Cricket was held @ KLE Gadag .The glimpses of the event, National Awardee Nisha S was the Chief Guest and Mr Kumar from NCC 38 Kar Battalion was present for the Prize Distribution. The spectators were mesmerized with the performance of Karate.

After the long academic session of first term, the school geared with a big bang for the upcoming Annual Athletic Meet 2013. Along with gearing up for academic activities, the campus buzzed evoking a lot of passion and fervour.

The various events of this Athletic Meet were scheduled meticulously and programmed very well for four days from 7th October to 10th October 2013. Mr. Nargund, Principal J.T Pre-University College said in his inauguration speech that every student must inculcate in himself the virtue of a true sports person, who does not see the contestants running along but instead concentrates on the finishing line.

“Winning is not everything, but participation and will to win is everything” - with this punch line, the opening ceremony of the Annual Athletic Meet took place on 7th October 2013. The ground was most enthusiastically decorated by putting in untiring efforts for days and nights, literally, by all the sports teachers of the school.The School is very fortunate to have a very dedicated and comprehensive team of sports teachers. The team includes Mr. Ravindra Gadad and Mr. Manjunath Marathe.

As the sun rise the students started dropping in, the students began to group themselves with their house members annual athletics meet. The programme started with general salute to the chief guest and the Principal presided over the function. The students escorted the honourable guests onto the stage, Master Shubham followed by Kavya Hurkadli holding the school flag to the dais. The meet was thereafter declared open by the chief guest. The school song reverberated around the venue when the school flag was unfurled to mark the official opening of the event. The students also showed utmost discipline and synchronization while taking part in the march past walking along with their respective house group.

The last year’s best athletes were the torch bearers. Master Sharanbasav, the sports captain ran with the torch and handed it over to Ms. Suma Dronageri (Class VIII) who passed it on to Master Chetan Kengar, Master Krupasagar, Ms. Soumya Patil, Ms. Aishwarya Dinni, Master Praveen Bhansali, Vinayak Meharwadi & Ms. Netra Hosmani (Class X). The torch was finally lit by the general champion of last year. The sports captain and Vice Captain took the oath along with all the participants. The chief guest was then presented with bouquet. The events of the meet were 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, throwing events like Shot put & Discuss, Jumping events like Long jump and high jump were completed for various groups. These events evoked a lot of passion and fervor among the students with each contestant trying to outdo the other and secure the most priced medal. The intensity and the spirit of the competition could be judged from the excitement of all the house members cheering for their respective house contestants in the race.

Finally the event culminated in closing ceremony after the prize distribution on 10th October. The Chief guest for the ceremony was Mr. Mohan, an Hockey umpire in Karnataka State Hockey Association and is currently the Operational manager for TENVIC Sports for Hubli region.